Ternopil Bombed By Russia

Aliya Koshalieva
On Apr. 13, Russia bombed the Ukrainian town of Ternopil, the hometown of the Ukrainian Eurovision act Tvorchi, moments before they started their performance in Liverpool. Tvorchi members Andrii Hutsuliak and Jimoh Augustus Kehinde posted on Instagram, “Ternopil is the name of our hometown, which was bombed by Russia while we sang on the Eurovision stage about our steel hearts, indomitability and will… Europe, unite against evil for the sake of peace! GLORY TO UKRAINE!” Ternopil officials said Russian missiles hit Ternopil and Kyiv ten minutes before Tvorchi took the stage. The Ukranian head of regional state administration, Volodymyr Trush, confirmed that two people were injured, while Ternopil’s mayor, Serhiy Nadal, reported extensive damage to multiple warehouses.


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