Triple-Threat Temple leads LGHS as ASB Spirit Co-President

by Emily Duvall and Kate Gruetter

Opinion and National/World Editors

Whether he’s on the football field, running track, playing guitar, or helping out in the Los Gatos community, senior Jack Temple is always bringing people together. The ASB Spirit Co-President previously lived in  Corte Madera, a town just north of San Francisco, and moved to Los Gatos in the summer of 2019. Temple immediately involved himself in numerous activities at the high school and in LG, and he stills brings that same bright energy that he first brought when he moved here.

Since freshman year, Temple has played linebacker for the LGHS Football program. Describing his experience with football over the years, he stated, “[The sport] helped me a lot when I moved here because I was able to embrace the Los Gatos community, and the connections I’ve made through it have been great.” Aside from football, Temple also runs track and field for LGHS, captaining the Varsity Sprints Team this season. Temple runs the 100 meter, 200 meter, and the four by 100 meter. Outside of school, Temple enjoys playing golf, taking after his dad who is a golf pro.

Temple also immerses himself in all types of music such as singing and playing the guitar or piano. He explained, “My mom loves to sing and plays a lot of instruments, so she definitely helped me get into [music], but I have been singing since I was super little.” Throughout his time in high school, Temple has performed in the majority of the LGHS talent shows, such as Unplugged and Friday Night Live.

However, Temple doesn’t limit himself to these two interests; he’s a true triple threat. Though the senior claims he is “only taking a few [AP classes],” almost the entirety of his schedule is packed with advanced courses and material. A dedicated and ambitious student, Temple is no stranger to hard work, which is good preparation for his future goals and higher education. “Seven years of school guaranteed,” Temple asserts, referring to his desire to attend both an undergraduate and law school. Although going into law demands dedication, the senior admits he would do anything to avoid math later in life. “I enjoy talking to people and solving problems that involve rearranging things and communicating. I realized that if I pursue politics, I can sort of be involved with people and I really enjoy the leadership aspect as well. And I just didn’t want to do math.” 

Outside of sports, musical endeavors, and school, Temple finds time to give back to the community. “I am the president of Boys’ Team Charity, and we are a student-led organization with help from parents that gives back to the community . . . As the senior class president, I’m helping coordinate the fentanyl awareness program this year,” Temple described, referring to his extensive volunteer work and experience. On a more school-wide level, Temple also works with LGHS peer-to-peer group Unconditionally Positive (UP) to help foster acceptance and positivity on campus. 

An accomplished and eager student, musician, and role model, Temple is an individual worth watching, and looking up to, whether he’s on the football field, planning a spirit event, or tackling life after LGHS. 

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