14 Ukrainians Dead in Helicopter Crash

By Bridie Beamish

Culture Editor

After a fatal helicopter crash on Jan. 18, authorities pronounced the death of at least 14 Ukrainians, including Ukrainian Interior Minister Denis Monastyrsky, 42, as well as other top officials. The crash, which occurred near a kindergarten outside of Kyiv, injured 25 people, including 11 children. All nine people aboard the helicopter — six ministry officials and three crew members — died in the incident. Though authorities do not know the cause of the crash, the Security Service of Ukraine announced they were investigating three causes: malfunction, a violation of flight rules, or “deliberate actions to destroy the vehicle.” Describing the loss of his people, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy declared, “The pain is unbearable.” 

(Sources: BBC News, NBC News, The Washington Post)


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