People Should Take Climate Change Seriously

By Emily Duvall

Opinion Editor

With the ongoing issue of climate change and global warming, I want to take action to make the environment and planet last, survive, and thrive. At times I express my concerns regarding these topics to older generations, and the people tend to refute my worries by saying things along the lines of “You should not worry about that! Nothing immediate will happen to the planet during your lifetime!” Although these statements may hold true, our elders should allow the younger generation’s concern to persist about the future of our planet. These fears about the natural resources and services start conversations about worsening issues, and express sympathy for the world of future generations and the Earth.

Disregarding the younger generation’s concerns for the future of the Earth diverts attention from the severity of the situation. Even if there will not be immediate changes that we will observe during our lifetimes, what about the future’s lifetimes? What about the next three generations? And those after that? We may not see what is going to happen to the planet immediately, but if we continue to ignore them or fail to acknowledge them, the issues will arise at some point. Environmental change is exponential, as the effects of global warming perform as a positive feedback loop; nature will not survive. 

Instead of refuting fears, we need to discuss methods to attack environmental issues, such as rising global temperatures or ocean levels. These strategies include consuming less, using renewable energy, and disposing of waste in smart ways. Allowing concerns to air promotes conversations surrounding the environment as well as sustainable practices. By paying attention to our concerns, we can help the issues and prevent further irreversible damage.

While letting people worry about issues regarding the Earth and what life will look like in the future is beneficial, so is taking tangible action to make change before it is too late. Furthermore, so is following through with plans we set up so the future generations and the planet continue to thrive. It can be difficult to recognize problems that might not affect you personally during your life or how you live, but I urge you to think about the future and what our world could look like in the next 100 years if we do not take climate change seriously.

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