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LGHS Marching Band and Color Guard Perform in First Competition of Season

By Angela Sheu and Dell Dumont

Local Editor and Graphics

On Oct. 15, the LGHS marching band and color guard performed in their first competition of the 2022 season at Gilroy High School. They were the only competitor in their division and scored 62.750 points.

Their program this year, called “The Nature of Us All,” portrays the process of finding one’s true self. Junior Alli Callaghan, who plays tenor saxophone in the show, explained, “There’s three movements. The first one is the confusion of not knowing who you are. The second one is a kind of euphoria of finding your own identity, and then the third movement is having people tell you, ‘you’re wrong, that’s not who you are,’ but still fighting through it.” 

Unlike previous years, the band staff did not write the show; rather, they got the show from another writer. Senior Ethan Holl, who is the band’s head drum major, reflected that the staff “had so much more time to work with us on the show because they’re not busy writing it themselves.”

The season began over the summer with Band Camp, throughout which the marching band put in several hours of work all week. After the school year began, they transitioned to meeting three times each week for several hours. Holl reflected that new Band Director Ken Nakamoto has been “incredible” because “he has a ton of work experience…He has so many great ideas, it’s been really great having him be involved.”

The marching band’s first official show was Sept. 30 during halftime of the homecoming football game. Leading up to their performances, band and color guard members reflected on a memorable season: “So far I really liked bonding with the new freshman and my section,” Callaghan commented. Holl also enjoys getting to know his teammates throughout the season, especially on bus rides because “it’s some nice time to get to chit-chat with everyone.”

The band also performed on Oct. 7 at Fisher Middle School. Senior Abhishek Gadhia, the saxophone section leader, explained that in addition to a lunchtime performance, the visit allowed them to “teach [Fisher students] some of the music and some of the traditions we have in the band at LG.” The middle school band students practiced playing pep music and will join the LGHS band in the stands for a football game. The visit showed Gadhia “some of the potential of what future band students will be like [in future years]. It’s very inspiring.”

Although the fall band season is already in full swing, the Winter Percussion and Winter Guard seasons will begin in December and last until May. Color Guard co-captain Sam Benadom, who is a senior, said, “I’m looking forward to the winter season and having it be a great end for my senior year.” These ensembles perform all indoors, unlike the fall season, and invite students without extensive music experience to take part. Callaghan encouraged students to join to “make a lot of memories and have lots of fun.”

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