Harrington Preps for LAX

By: Sarah Gouldrup

Humor Editor

Rising football star and incoming freshman Jack Harrington is nothing short of spectacular when it comes to sports and school. Whether he’s perfecting his tackle after school on Helm Field or designing a project in his Intro to Engineering class, the 15-year-old is always putting his best foot forward. 

To kick off his first year at LGHS, Harrington is taking six classes including Spanish 2, Geometry, and, most notably, Intro to Engineering. When asked why he chose to take an engineering class out of the numerous electives the high school offers, Harrington explained, “My dad did it in college, and he really liked it. So it sounded interesting. I wanted to try it.” While Harrington hasn’t started creating anything yet, he’s excited to progress from drawing objects to building prototypes. 

Before he even began high school, Harrington knew he wanted to play a sport for LGHS, whether it was football or lacrosse. “I’m most looking forward to being able to play sports to represent the school,” he said.  Staying true to his hopes, he joined the freshman football team as a fullback and defensive back. Harrington described that at a typical practice, the team starts with warm ups, then does independent drills, and finally ends the day with group drills and inter-team scrimmages. He proudly expressed that “the team has been doing well in their first couple games, and the season is off to a great start.”

Besides football, Harrington also plays lacrosse, which he has participated in for around three years now. The long-time player is looking forward to the spring season because he is “much better [at lacrosse] than [he is] at football.” Harrington has played for both the Redhawks and the Chauncey Boys — two organizations that coach the sport for boys in the sixth grade and up. 

Harrington also volunteers outside of school as part of a community service group called Boys Team Charity. As a member for over three years, Harrington has dedicated numerous hours to helping all types of people in Los Gatos.  He detailed: “I deliver goods to people like groceries and I got to buy them and bring them to House of Hope. One time, I organized a bunch of fruit for over three hours.”

Harrington loves to spend his free time hanging out with his labradoodle Cali or wakeboarding with his friends at New Melones lake. Whether he’s on the field, in the classroom, or in the community making a difference, Harrington is sure to make a mark on LGHS during his next four years on campus!

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