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Advanced Science Research Class Hosts Annual Science Fair

By Jenna Roselli

Public Relations Manager 

The Advanced Science Research (ASR) class at Los Gatos High School hosted its annual science fair on Mar. 24. Dedicated science students from the sophomore, junior, and senior classes sacrificed their lunch time to show off months of hard work. They presented studies that they designed, researched, and conducted themselves on any topic of interest. Studies ranging from research on the immune benefits of manuka honey to testing the beneficial effects of ellagic acid found in fruits and vegetables on worms intoxicated with amyloid-beta, a deformed protein linked to the cause of Alzheimer’s. In addition to organizing their own presentations, students competed for several prizes including scholarships for their academic futures. Proud teachers, interested administrators, curious students, and supportive friends wandered the three classrooms full of ASR students’ projects and celebrated their peers’ scientific passions and achievements.


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