Surburbamore Releases Newest EP

By Georgia Kaufman

Humor Editor

On Mar. 19, Los Gatos’ very own Suburbamore pleasantly surprised their listeners once again by releasing an EP entitled All Tied Up. Los Gatos High seniors and Suburbamore members Soren Wilde and Trevor Ross (stage name: “Ugene Stacks”) partnered with fellow band member and LGHS alum Mitch Ross to create the EP.

The EP includes four songs written by Suburbamore for last year’s “LG Got Talent.” The four songs include All Tied Up, Pollen Drone, Just A Little Bit, and Space Mountain (their personal favorite). Wilde recounted, “The writing process was a little unconventional in that we wrote each song over Discord rather than doing it in person. Usually, I would send Trevor a [riff or chord progression] I had and we would add onto that idea for a few days while chatting until we had a song.” This process over Discord, although inconvenient, helped the two work on their music in a safe and socially distanced way. Reflecting on the time each song took, Wilde added, “Usually we would spend about eight hours a day for two days writing and discussing song structure until we had a finished song.” Wilde continued, “[We] wrote a song a week for LG Got Talent… tried writing [a couple more songs] for a couple of months, gave up, and then released this,” concluding that writing the EP took “four weeks unless you wanna count a bunch of failed attempts.”

Inspiration for the EP came from a few recognizable places and feelings. The two agreed, “[There was] some Steve Lacy inspiration for Soren’s guitar parts. Rex Orange County’s Corduroy Dreams inspired Trevor’s guitar bit on Just a Little Bit.” T. Ross spoke of his inspiration in terms of lyrical content for their favorite song, Space Mountain. “It’s about longing for some kind of escape to a different experience which was probably inspired by the quarantine we’ve experienced this last year.” He went on, “And then All Tied Up, the song that follows, is all about being held back by not only your environment, but also your own beliefs and/or goals. I believe that concept came from my struggle to make much needed changes to my lifestyle as COVID set in for the long run.”

 The response for the EP has been, “quiet. [The band] didn’t do much promotion. But it’s dope to have it finally out.” Los Gatos is looking forward to more of Suburbamore and its many successes. The EP is available on all music streaming services.

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