HUMOR: Mini Fridges Spark Rage

by Alexandra Evans

News Editor 

Out of all the things in the world, I would never have expected a mini fridge to be the one thing to bring me so much fury. Earlier in the year, my family found ourselves in a literal fridge shortage when our fridge gave out. How in the world does a national fridge shortage happen? We turned to the next best thing: a small fridge with a small freezer. Initially this was soothing; at least we could enjoy the necessities while we waited for our regular fridge to arrive in the next month or two. 

It has been SEVEN months. How do you think I am holding up right now? Not very well. The once comical and relieving effects that came with the mini fridge have now disappeared. I have discovered that the main issue with our devil fridge is the amount of space, especially because I come from a family with three different milk preferences, which take up all the fridge space alone. I will forever preach oat milk supremacy, but my brother and dad refuse to let go of cow and coconut milk. Also, don’t get me wrong, I love a good glass of kombucha, but why does my mom need to buy such enormous bottles when there is literally no place to keep them?

Because there is no space in the fridge, the little magnetic door always opens on its own. I do not think I can count on one hand how many times I have reached into the fridge just to grab a lukewarm item. Needless to say, if it happens again I could not tell you how absolutely furious I will be. Do you know what it is like to grab a lukewarm and sopping wet toaster waffle? Not very appealing. If you are going to make a tiny fridge, which you know I am going to have to fit way too many groceries in, please at least make the door stronger so that four yogurts don’t fall onto the kitchen floor in the middle of the night again. 

Just based on the pure aggravation that comes with this fridge, I am sure that it is clear how many times it has blatantly ruined my day. Coffee with oat milk is a main motivator for me in the morning, so one time I went to grab the oat milk and it came sliding out full force. Upon impact the screw-on cap cracked and I found myself standing barefoot in a literal pool of WARM oat milk. At some point between the last time someone opened the fridge and when I used it, a stray piece of produce turned the fridge off and it stopped cooling altogether. This did not leave me in a good place — stuck with black coffee and ruining my morning. 

If you are looking to purchase a mini fridge, DO NOT. And next time you reach into your fridge, remember to be grateful for your cold, fresh groceries. P.S. watch out for falling produce and oat milk; it happens more often than you would imagine. 

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