POM: Petroff excels at Field Hockey

by Lexi Kupor

Public Relations Manager

A powerhouse on the soccer field, a lacrosse virtuoso, and a field hockey front runner, senior Amelia Petroff brings a spirit of energy and zeal to all of her athletic pursuits. This year, Petroff serves as a varsity field hockey co-captain as she begins her fourth and final season on the team.

Prior to entering high school, Petroff had minimal field hockey experience, having only taken part in two short summer programs with the LGHS coaching staff. However, she immediately felt a pull towards the sport after witnessing her older sister’s passion for the unique program. Petroff rapidly polished her skills, serving as a JV team captain and CCS team member her freshman year before joining the varsity team as a sophomore.

As a current varsity co-captain alongside junior Natasha Evenden, Petroff attends field hockey practice five days a week to train with her own team and assist freshmen who are new to the sport. This season, team practices look a little different than they did before the pandemic; masks and social distancing measures foment a spirit of uncertainty, as Petroff expressed that “we don’t know for sure if we’re going to have a season this year.”

As a leader of a large, renowned group regularly consisting of over 50 individuals, Petroff savors the opportunity to “[use her] voice to encourage people to stay confident in their skills” and maintain a calm, collected attitude despite the pressure to uphold an impressive performance record.  She constantly encourages her teammates to “try their best and give what they have, because that’s the best that they can do.”

However, the field hockey grass isn’t the only place where Petroff displays her prowess; she’s also earned the title of JV soccer Most Valuable Player and joined the LGHS lacrosse team. In the future, she plans to stick to intramural sports rather than pursue collegiate recruitment; “I’ve [experienced] a lot of intense sports throughout high school,” she explained, adding that playing in a recreational sphere will provide an enjoyable break. 

When she’s not practicing field hockey hits or soccer tricks, Petroff enjoys off-season runs and upbeat HIIT workouts. As someone who “[doesn’t] really believe in diets,” she deftly manages a well-balanced lifestyle with activities and nutrition that keep her feeling healthy and fulfilled.

Petroff has surely crafted an athletic legacy at LGHS, and her fervent work ethic, affable composure, and manifold talents are sure to take her far on the field and beyond.

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