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LGHS Students Write Personal Statements for Father’s Day

by Sasha Ryu


This Father’s Day, I wanted to give LGHS students the opportunity to show their appreciation for their fathers, grandfathers, step fathers, godfathers, foster dads, and any other inspirational father figures in their lives. I also wanted to take the chance to thank some of the incredible men in my own life. Keep on reading to see what we had to say!

Isabella Debling

Class of 2021

BF49BDA5-0E34-4D9D-ABC1-A0D8C42A37E5 - Issy Debling

Dear Daddy,

Happy Fathers Day. I am beyond blessed to have such a loving, genuine, kind, caring leader in my life who I look up to every day. Thank you for being there every day with the love and guidance I’ve needed. You have taught me so many valuable lessons and for the span of my whole life, you always put family first. Thank you so much for being the best Father a daughter could ask for. I love you.

Forever and Always,

Issy xx

Eric Phillips

Class of 2021

Thank you day for being supportive of me constantly and in all endeavors. Whenever I share a dream I have you don’t ask if it can be done, but help me figure out how. You help me get success not just academically but in my passion of climbing. I love taking trips to Bishop or Yosemite and you make the best partner. Love ya dad and happy father’s day!

Ryan Henry

Class of 2021

Thank you dad for caring for me, inspiring me, and serving as a role model for me as I look at my future. I love you and Happy Father’s Day!

Sasha Prostota

Class of 2021


I just want to thank my family, my dad in particular, for always supporting me in whatever I do. He had always been there for me and had a huge impact on the person I am today.

Arianne Lin

Class of 2021

I don’t have any good pictures of him, but I would like to write a thank you to my grandfather, who has kept me in touch with my Chinese heritage and got me hooked on dim sum. I couldn’t ask for a better 爷爷! Grandpa, I don’t think you’ll ever read this, but just in case: surprise! I’m learning mandarin on my own now!

Alaina Fox

Class of 2021

_DSC0224 - Alaina Fox


For as long as I can remember, you’ve been a pillar in my life. I remember sleepovers at your house when I was little, spending the days reading books and waking up to pancakes for breakfast. One of my favorite memories is when you made us green scrambled eggs and ham after we read that Dr. Seuss book. In more recent years, we’ve bonded over photography, and I’m so grateful that you helped me discover that passion. Though of course it’s exciting to capture a heron with a fish or an egret feeding its chicks, truth be told, the best part of our outings is always spending time with you. We’ve discussed aperture and shutter speed, but also journalism, politics, and family history. I admire you so much, and I’m so grateful to have you as a role model. With your compassion, thoughtfulness, support, and wisdom, I can always count on you to listen to me and offer great advice. I really miss seeing you in person, and I’m looking forward to being able to again soon. Happy Father’s Day!

Lots of love,


Abigail Elis

Class of 2021

A3AE251C-F645-45C4-9CD9-9E68FE475EDA - Abigail Ellis

I would like to thank my dad for everything he has taught me no matter how big or small it is, I have learned a lot from him. Whether if it was how to drive a car or fix a motorcycle to something small like how to hang up a picture properly. He has taught me a lot and has been here for me through thick and through thin. Thank you so much for all the amazing adventures you have taken me on I can’t wait for our next one. I couldn’t have asked for a better father, no one can compare to you. Happy Father’s Day!

Brenna Fox

Class of 2021

2A75BD86-D421-4F94-B0E3-DFD5BD227B77 - Brenna Fox

Dad, thank you for being such an amazing role model, father, and friend. You constantly motivate and encourage me to do what I love, and you’ve supported me through all of the ups and downs of life. I am so grateful to have you in my life, and I love you so much. Happy Father’s Day!

Giovanni Gollotti

Class of 2021

3B911632-D0ED-485B-9A3B-1A518B5F2DFA - Giovanni Gollotti

Dear Dad,

Oh my god, I have no words on how wonderful you are as a father to Giancarlo and I. You mean the absolute world to me. This year has definitely been one of the most interesting years of our lives. For one, I came out to you as trans; I understand that my situation was probably quite new to you, but you did everything in your power to make me feel loved and adored. You caused me to be even more determined to live my life as my true self, and you fought hard for my well-being. Even though it’s almost been a year since I came out to you, I’m so glad to be your son. I don’t think I would have been able to love and feel as confident as my true self than if you weren’t supporting me in every step of the way. Most fathers don’t have to deal with their children coming out as someone else, like from daughter to son, but you have taken it in stride and loved me no matter what. Thank you. Thank you for everything. Thank you for your motivation; thank you for your love; thank you for your life advice; thank you for protecting me. I really feel strong as a young man when you’re by my side. Hopefully one day, I can repay you for all the love and support you bestowed on me. I love you so much, and I hope you have a wonderful Father’s Day; you deserve it more than anyone.



Giancarlo Gollotti

Class of 2021

Thank you Dad for everything you’ve done both for me, my brother, and my family. Even during times of great stress and during hard times, you’ve always found time to invest socially with me and the family. We’ve shared moments going to fish stores weekly, going to fish clubs monthly and I thank you so much for all the support and eager excitement that we share when attending events. You’ve always found time to chat and share moments that are so memorable and enjoyable to look back on. I always enjoyed asking you questions, whether it was asking you what your favorite plant was for the 7th time that day or asking how your day was, you’ve always found time to spend with the family. Through your unconditional support and eagerness to find joy in hobbies that my bother and I have, sharing the same level of excitement when we go to clubs or large events related to those hobbies. Thank you so much for everything that you’ve invested and done to make the family so tight and happy. I wish you have an amazing Father’s Day.

Alia Arafeh

Class of 2022

Hey Baba, Thank you for everything you do and for always giving great advice and having good conversations with me. I love you!

Cait Nguyen

Class of 2022

0BDDF234-D70F-46AC-BD51-CA4A5A7EE89E - Caitlin Nguyen

Thank you, dad, for being the best man in my life. I love you so much and I will always appreciate everything you’ve done for me.

Ruth Ann Kvamme

Class of 2021

702DB18C-8042-44EF-A291-3B3F06E6995E - RuthAnn Kvamme

Thank you, Dad, for teaching me to let my crazy personality shine and to live on the wild side! Love you

– Super Gal

Sasha Ryu

Class of 2021


My grandfather was born into a very difficult life. His childhood was spent working on his family’s farm, working long hours in the fields during the day, and, by night, starting at the age of fourteen, he’d stay awake until 4:00 AM making produce deliveries to SoCal. On his school report cards, many of his teachers would comment that he had a tendency to fall asleep in class. He also confirmed that it was difficult to stay awake after working such long, grueling hours. However, despite these challenges, he still managed to earn top marks, and he became one of the very few people in his small town to graduate from high school. He went on to serve in the U.S. Air Force, then, after meeting my grandmother, Roberta, he found work as an electrician in the Silicon Valley. He broke the cycle of poverty in one generation, and, throughout his life, he’s used his success to give better opportunities to people in need. His selflessness and generosity has brought countless other families and individuals incredible hope and prosperity. He inspires me every day.


My Halabeoji, as a child, was very care-free. To this day, I still hear about his adventures. He was always charming and quick on his feet, but it wasn’t until his mother became sick that he dedicated himself completely to his education. After he graduated secondary school, he went to the best university in Korea. He then came to New York and married my Halmonie after their second date. His boldness and tenacity inspire me every day. I will take his memory with me for the rest of my life.

IMG_7302My father is, without question, the most dependable person in my life. I know that, despite his busy schedule, I can always count on him to be there for me if I just ask. Whether it’s agreeing to my last-minute 7:00 AM car ride requests, buying my favorite dinner, or turning in my library books, my dad has always exceeded my expectations of what a person would be willing to do for another person – without getting anything at all in return. My father introduced me to my love of reading and music, and, to this day, it’s the greatest gift anyone has ever given me. His presence is a constant reminder to be thoughtful and generous, and I truly can’t think of a more meaningful person in my life. Happy Father’s Day, dad! I love you.


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