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LGHS Annual Film Festival premieres May 21 at 7PM

By Madeline King


Tonight, Thurs. May 21, LGHS will be hosting the virtual Film Festival, featuring 15 movies made by LGHS students. After showcasing each film, staff members will announce this year’s festival winners.

This year’s festival will be available for viewers to watch and celebrate the top films made by students this year. The 41 filmmakers to be honored are representative of all grade levels, including sophomores Juliette Boivin and Carly Shultz, junior Soren Wilde, seniors Caroline Morse, Jack Murnin, and Hanna Rezvani, and even LGHS alumni Alice Bibaud and Mitch Ross.

“I had a lot of fun filming,” said senior contestant Elizabeth Duvall. “It was a beautiful morning I got to spend with my friends doing what we love.”

Among the 15 films shown will be “The Toddcast, Episode 5,” created by seniors Collin Colson and Sam Ross, which previously aired on KCAT TV 15, as well as the music video for the LGHS musical group Suburbamore’s new single, “Butterflies.”

While the Film Festival cannot take place in the school theater this year, the virtual platform will provide an opportunity to personally honor this year’s selected filmmakers, and give students, staff, and family the chance to appreciate their work. The show will be less than one hour, so be sure to check in at this link tonight at 7 to support LGHS filmmakers, and stay tuned to hear about the winners!



Life in Fear

Last Chance

Batman Retired

The Final

Change Gears


Tears In Heaven

Spring Cleaning


3 O’clock

Free My Mind

In My Eyes


The Toddcast, Episode 5




Daniella Blomquist

Carly Shultz

Nathan Lemons

Victoria Maki

Liam Hoole

Colin Colson

Elizabeth Duvall

Ryan Mostafavi

Kaeli Arnold

Zoë Arnold

Sam Ross

Sumner Bruno

Nathan Barbara

Chanelle Mao-22

Brandon Krish

Russell Kim

Meena Thomas-22

Sophia Johnston

Juliette Boivin

Caroline Morse

Hanna Rezvani

Sawyer Clark

Blake Galetea

Gabe Barhydt

Peter Lagemann

Cole Taylor

Hope Henkenmeier

Zoe Ferreira

Sumner Bruno

Jack Murnin

Trevor Ross

Alice Bibaud

David Marsalli

Johnny Wilkens

Ian Moore

Lucas Fink

Noah Lerner

Mitch Ross

Soren Wilde

Dylan Daminco

Cole Smith

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