Enns recommends her favorite Minecraft servers

By Amelia Enns

Humor Editor

Hey all you cool cats and kittens, it’s Amelia here. Like many of you, I have been dying of boredom in quarantine and besides returning to the depressing music I listened to in my middle school years, I returned to the infamous block world of Minecraft. Today I’d like to recommend my favorite servers and games to play while staying within the safety of your home. Minecraft servers connect all of us and we don’t have to stay six feet apart!

Server #1: McCentral. I’ll be honest, I don’t know if this server is super popular or not, but it attracts about 2000-3000 players, so most of the games don’t take forever to fill up. A friend of mine showed me this server at the beginning of April and, for the last four weeks, I don’t think I’ve touched another one since. My favorite games to play are Skywars and Murder Mayhem, but I’m always a sucker for a good Cake Wars match. The only downside of this server is the amount of hackers.

Server #2: Hypixel. Probably the most famous Minecraft server of all time. If you played Minecraft multiplayer ever in your life, you’ve probably been on Hypixel at least once. As an extremely cool seventh grader, I spent countless hours on Hypixel every day, playing Skywars and TNT Tag to my heart’s content. Sidenote: For my ladies, this is probably the best server to find Minecraft boyfriends on; I got you.

Server #3: Mineplex. Another very popular minecraft server, Mineplex, is probably best known for the 31 mini-games offered to players, an astonishing amount for a single server. From build-battle to survival games to hide and seek, Mineplex has so many games for players to choose from. This is a great server to play on with your friends because it will take you a while to get bored, purely from the number of games available.

Game #1: Murder Mayhem. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure that McCentral is the only server that offers this fun and engaging game. Starting with 16 players, one player is assigned to be the murderer and one player the detective; the remaining 14 are bystanders. The detective starts with a bow and is tasked to kill the murderer, while the murderer’s job is to kill everyone with their sword. Bystanders can receive a bow by collecting five emeralds as they spawn throughout the map. The amount of time I’ve spent playing this game is terrifying; thankfully I don’t get a Minecraft screen report.

Game #2: Hide n Seek. Pretty straightforward. 12-16 players spawn into the game, starting with two seekers and 10-14 hiders. The hiders choose a block to morph into and hide throughout the map while the seekers attempt to kill all the hiders before time runs out. This game isn’t offered on every server, but it is fairly popular: definitely one of my favorites.

Game #3: Skywars. Some people are Skywars fans and some people are Hunger Games fans, but Skywars fans are obviously superior. Skywars can be played in teams or solo, but works the same either way. You spawn on an island floating in the sky and using the items in your chests, try to be the last one standing. This game is offered on almost every Minecraft server, but usually has a unique twist depending on the server you choose. Hypixel, for instance, offers both insane and normal modes that offer different items depending on which you choose.

Maybe everyone reading this article is thinking, “wow, this girl really is out here playing minecraft in 2020,” but before you judge me, get on and play a few games for yourself. Or, if servers and minigames aren’t for you, play a singleplayer world and build a mansion. Minecraft truly is the safest way for us to connect and explore the world right now; let’s take advantage of it. I hope to see you playing!

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