Patterson warns viewers which Netflix shows to avoid during quarantine

By Alis Patterson

Media Production Editor

Like most people, I have been using the never ending free time in quarantine to binge disgusting Netflix shows that I otherwise probably would not watch. It’s been great. Not only have I been watching awful TV by myself,  my family has managed to not watch a single movie together that we enjoyed. I have decided to include some of my favorite movies and TV shows that I have had the pleasure of watching below. 

Too Hot to Handle: I am not going to explain the premise of this show because even that will cause you to lose brain cells. Honestly, it is impressive how stupid and idiotic some of the people on this show act. It makes me feel like an idiot for watching. However, I did watch the entire show in a single sitting, so maybe it says more about me than the contestants. I did actually enjoy watching this show at times, but I made the mistake of watching it with a family member to start. I do not recommend it. Overall, I would give it a six out of ten rating. #notageezer

Outer Banks: I am going to get some heat for this one, and I am okay with it. I decided to watch this show after seeing it all over my For You Page on TikTok. I regret that decision. This show has so much potential to be good, and it just isn’t. I got through the first two episodes before giving up due to boredom. Maybe it gets better later on in the season, but I kept choosing Too Hot to Handle over this wannabe. I give it a three out of ten rating. 

American Ultra: it is an awful movie that doesn’t deserve the right to be written about with capital letters. after watching the movie my mom literally said, “with all this time in quarantine i am still upset we wasted an hour and a half watching this movie.” movie rating: zero out of ten. 

Booksmart: I watched this for the first time with friends when the movie came out, and I loved it. I did not love watching it with both of my brothers and my parents. I do recommend this movie, just maybe not over quarantine with your family when you are all going to be stuck in a house together and you have nowhere to go to escape those awkward conversations. Honestly without family members I would give it a eight of ten, and with family members a three out of ten. 

Please take my advice and do not watch the movies and tv shows listed above. If you do, I am begging you to proceed with caution. There are so many better things to be doing right now like staring at a blank wall or entering the illegal ant racing ring. If you disagree with me on any of the above, please send me an angry email. I need some quality entertainment.

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