JV Basketball Captain, Victor Josifovski, inspires the community

by Sasha Ryu

Sports Editor

Freshman Victor Josifovski could teach you a lesson or two about the importance of perseverance. On top of being a gifted student, a fluent Swedish speaker, and a skilled videographer, Josifovski was the sole athlete among the class of 2023 to earn a coveted spot on the school’s JV boys basketball team. Although he was the only freshman on a roster of 16 athletes, at the start of the season, Josifovski was also appointed team Captian for his incredible work ethic and his natural leadership skills.


Upon joining a friend’s recreational basketball team in the fourth grade, Josifovski discovered he had a passion for the sport – not to mention a great deal of natural ability on the court. Once he started playing, Josifovski dedicated his most sincere effort to the activity.

“I can’t [pinpoint] one specific reason why I enjoyed it so much, but it got to the point where I [couldn’t go] more than a few days without playing,” Josifovski explained. 

Throughout the years, Josifovski has perfected a simple yet effective approach to the game. “I just try to stay positive, no matter what happens,” he stated. “You always mess up in basketball, like, at least twice a game. You need to learn to move on from your mistakes to focus on the next play.”

When asked what enabled him to achieve so much in such a short time, Josifovski stated that his accomplishments could be traced back to his coaches and teammates. According to Josifovski, his current coach, Jimmy Apodaca, played a particularly significant role in improving his athletic ability. 

“Jimmy pushes the team really hard,” he commented. “Now, when I go to other teams, [the work] feels easy, because he’s been [preparing] us the whole season.”

Although Josifovski insists that his all of his success is made possible by the other people in his life, in an interview, Coach Apodaca gave the young athlete the credit he deserved.

Victor’s greatest strength would have to be his work ethic and maturity” Apodaca commented. “Victor was named a Captain and a starter in the beginning of the season, where he competed with everything he had every night. As time went on, Victor went through a slump in which his role as a starter had to change him coming off the bench. Victor not once has complained about situation, and has continued to play with the same effort and energy, regardless of his status. He continues to give 100% to the sport and his fellow teammates, and, in my eyes, will have a great chance to compete for a Varsity spot on next year’s roster. His drive to become a great basketball player is inspiring and I look forward to seeing him dominate at LGHS in the years to come.”

Outside of sports, Josifovski has several other inspirations; perhaps the most significant is his father, who immigrated to America from Sweden. 

“My dad came from a rough country, but he managed to claw his way out and got us to Los Gatos. There’s no reason he should be here, but he kept on working at it and found success. I want to be like him one day,” Josifovski said. 

Like his father, Josifovski demonstrates incredible perseverance and dedication in every aspect of his life. Currently, one of his favorite classes at LGHS is Multimedia Journalism, where students learn to use the same technology as professional writers and reporters. Already, he’s spent hours filming and editing his projects for the class.

“You get to be creative and make what you want,” Josifovski explained. “Once you’re assigned a new project, you have a lot of freedom with [where you take it].”


At such a young age, Josifovski already possesses some of the most admirable qualities a person can have: humility, wisdom, and unwavering determination. Although he’s spent just over a semester at LGHS, he’s already made a profound impact on the community. It will certainly be exciting to see what he goes on to do next.


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