OPINION: Marks Advocates for Homework Passes

by Quincy Marks

Public Relations Manager

Every day, teachers pile on loads of homework to supplement the material learned during class-time. Although homework is a necessary part of school, the work for six classes can easily add up to multiple hours of studying a night. Depending on the class and teacher, missing one homework assignment can result in a significant drop in a student’s grade. To help combat student stress, teachers at LGHS should be required to give each student two homework passes per semester.

Teachers and other adults often encourage students to live their lives to the fullest: to ‘have fun,’ to ‘go outside,’ and enjoy their time while they’re still young. However, balancing extracurriculars and homework while still finding time to be a kid is an act that few can master. Students go to school for over six hours a day and often still have hours of homework to complete once they get home. The unfortunate truth is that, sometimes, there aren’t enough hours in the day to complete every task with the effort they require. 

Picture this: as you are driving to school, you realize that you didn’t complete your math homework that’s due first period. There is no time to turn around, and you won’t have any time before first period starts to finish it. This is where the beloved homework pass would come into play. With the homework pass, you wouldn’t have to worry about that one assignment, and the stress of your grade dropping is lifted off of your shoulders.               

Teachers may not like the idea of the homework pass as students theoretically should strive to complete homework before the due date. However, the pass should not be mistaken as a “get out of jail” free card. The homework pass should allow the student to complete the assignment for the class period after the weekend. For example, if a student forgets their homework for Tuesday, the homework pass requires them to turn in that assignment by Monday for full credit. This way, the student has the weekend to finish that assignment, and doesn’t have to worry about it for the rest of the school week. 

There are many occasions where students would benefit from having the opportunity to use a homework pass. From accidentally leaving the assignment at home, to simply forgetting to complete it: the possibilities go on and on. Instead of punishing students for a simple mistake, the homework pass provides a nice cushion. Although they might seem like a simple solution, these passes have the potential to drastically improve stress levels among students at LGHS.

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