Student talent show, Unplugged, is a major hit

by Dylan Lasher

Graphics Editor


This past Thursday, Los Gatos High School put together a completely acoustic talent

show called Unplugged. Each year, it is hosted by a few students and features acts that range

from solos, teacher and student duets, and student-created band performances. Some students

play their instruments, like acoustic guitars, pianos, ukuleles and drums, while others sing a

capella in groups or all by themselves.

The hosts plan and write skits to entertain and give transitions between the student acts.

This year, current senior and previous Unplugged performer Jaydon Barnett explains his past

experience with Unplugged and states, “Last year, my previous band, The Duetrons played an

Islands tune and people seemed to dig it. This year I’ll be in two acts, the first of which is with

my current band, Mr. Sweet, and we plan on performing one of our new original songs.”

Unplugged, being an all acoustic show, tends to have a more mellow vibe when

juxtaposed with other performances put on by the school such as the Senior Talent Show, the

school musical, and Fractured Follies. For this reason, Barnett “think[s] unplugged is a great

chance to experiment with alternative ways to play a song and to try to "strip down" a song to its bare core. The foundation of any good song is a solid percussion fill and a catchy melody.” The

performances have continued to be outstanding throughout the years, and El Gato recommends

everyone come and see the spectacular performances.

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