Stop obsessing over the Kardashians

by Drew Shelton

Video and Podcast Editor

For many years, the Kardashian/Jenner family has bathed in fame. This worshipping has gone on for too long. One may even question why the family is famous in the first place. Sure, at one point in time their stepfather, Bruce Jenner, won the gold medal at the 1976 Olympic Games for his performance in the decathlon, but the girls never won this event. Their biological father, Rob Kardashian, was best friends with O.J. Simpson and served as a lawyer on the infamous court case. Kourtney, Kim and Khloe have been riding the coattails of their two fathers ever since.

People adore the Kardashians for no apparent reason other than the fact that some may consider them to be pretty. These are uneducated, people who have a reality television show. This is what America has come to: we watch idiots banter about where their next “appearance” is and which private jet they are taking to get there.

Kim Kardashian was first put on the map when a sex tape of her and rapper Ray J came out in 2007. This is just another reason the girls should not be idolized. Parents should not be encouraging their kids to look up to a woman who stooped so low as to make a pornographic video of herself. She also made a video game about herself, which further shows how self-centered this family is. As if Keeping up With the Kardashians was not enough for Kim, she had to make a video game where she can continue to immerse herself in her self-proclaimed beauty.

Khloe became famous for marrying National Basketball Association (NBA) player Lamar Odom. They have since divorced because of Lamar’s drug addiction, yet Khloe is still trying to make things right with an obviously corrupt person.

Kourtney, following in her sister Kim’s footsteps, was dating Scott Disick from 2006 to 2015. They shockingly had three children out of wedlock, but were unable to ever tie the knot. Other than being on a reality television show about her own family, she has done nothing to deserve her fame.

All three sisters set really bad examples for youth in general. They create a false image of how a proper woman should behave and look. The Kardashian’s unrealistic model for success requires big butts, breasts, and lots of money.

People need to stop obsessing over these women and get a dose of reality. No one should be rewarded for showing up to clubs and being filmed living their daily, ridiculous lives in huge mansions doing no good for the world. When the Kardashians step off their undeserved throne and start doing something positive for the world, then they will earn the right to be famous.

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