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Re: September Opinion Article on the library

It is not often that an article in El Gato becomes a hot topic of conversation around the library but the latest edition has brought to light an issue that the school as a whole is facing: the growing number of students. Space is limited and we’re all anxiously waiting the completion of the new buildings that will bring much relief to our school. We are all very thankful to Measure E! Meanwhile, we’re faced with concerns about keeping our students safe in the unlikely event of an emergency. For that reason, the library is making an effort to maintain the maximum number of students at 225 at any time. If you stop by the line at the door during tutorial, you’ll find Ms. Cozzella chatting with very polite and respectful students that use the time in line to eat a snack or catch up with some friends. Meanwhile, Ms. Smith walks around the library, reminding students that if they are done with their work and are just socializing, they should go outside, enjoy the sun and give their space to somebody who’s been waiting at the door. From the day the line was instituted, there has never been a tutorial where we still had a line at the end of the period, which means that everyone has had their fair chance to use library resources. Students are nice about it and happy to give their space to the ones waiting in line. The library staff was saddened that one student’s opinion (with no fact check) could lead the community to believe that the library “Hurts Study Time”, when all they’re here to do is help the whole student body with their study time, while keeping everyone’s safety at heart. We invite the community to stop by the library and check for themselves what a nurturing, happy place it is, at the same time safe and conducive to studying.  – Ms. Smith and Ms. Cozzella

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