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Fall Spirit Week 2016


Spirit week kicked off with Pajama Day with students rolling out of bed and right on to campus. Robes, blankets, fuzzy pants, and slippers covered the spirited students of LGHS. Out on the front lawn for lunch, the classes competed in a slumber party game of giant corn hole. The juniors won first place followed by the seniors, sophomores, and freshmen, respectively.


Day two of Spirit Week brought out the babies, college kids, parents, and grandparents with Generations Day. Around the campus you could spot the baby freshmen eyes wide with pacifiers, the angsty sophomores sporting red Solo Cups, the juniors digging snacks out of their fanny packs or sipping apple cider from their long neck bottles, and of course a shaky senior here and there calling for help from a fall, grey hair, wrinkles, walkers, and all. Although wrought with dementia, arthritis, and back pain, the seniors proved agile and won the Relay Race, with freshmen in second, sophomores in third, and sadly juniors came in miserably last.


In support of breast cancer awareness month, students followed the “On Wednesdays we wear pink” rule from the movie Mean Girls. Decked out head to toe in pink colored gear, students showed their support for the school and promoted awareness for breast cancer. As lunch rolled around you could catch a glimpse at the flock of students on the front lawn gathered to watch the lunch time game: bubble soccer. Through all the bouncing collisions, the juniors rolled out on top with the first place win, followed by the sophomores in second, and a tie between the freshmen and seniors for third.


As the final spirit day before the rally rolled around, LGHS students decked themselves out in their most patriotic attire for American Pride day. Students marched into school sporting the adored Chubbies brand, in head to toe camouflage, cowboy boots, beads, bandanas, or colonial costumes to show their AmeriCAN pride. An intense lunchtime game of California Snowball fight ended with the a surprising win for the seniors; juniors came in second, followed by sophomores in third, and of course freshmen in fourth.


Sadly spirit week wraps up but that means it’s time for the rally! Students completely decked out in their class colors filled the campus. After a little more than two hours of fidgeting in class, anxious students headed to the gym for one of the most anticipated events of the semester: the rally. Going in to the rally the juniors held their first place lead over the seniors, followed by the sophomores and then freshmen. Amazing performances by the band drum line, cheer, and dance excited the students. After well fought games of tug-of-war, balloon stomp, musical chairs, and the “I Believe” cheer, leadership announced the winners as follows: seniors in first, juniors in second, sophomores in third, and freshmen in fourth. It was a close battle and everyone is now looking forward to the last rally of this school year in the spring of 2017.

End of the Week Grade Point Statistics:

First Place: Seniors

Second Place: Juniors

Third Place: Sophomores

Fourth Place: Freshmen

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