Seven different Halloween costumes you can make with a scarf

by Danika Lyle

Humor Editor

You and Becky have been calling everyone in school for two hours straight; do you know of any parties? Is anyone hosting anything? Do you think Becks and I could stop by? Finally, someone responds with an invite, but it’s across town and starts in ten minutes. There’s no time to don a sexy, complex costume, so you grab a scarf and go. Here are seven different costumes you can make with a scarf.

courtesy pexels

courtesy pexels

Pirate: Tie the scarf around your head, allowing the excess fabric to fall to the side of your face.

Bandit: Place the scarf in front of your nose and mouth and tie it behind your head. If you want to go the extra mile, tie it like a mask in front of you eyes and cut holes in the fabric.

Virgin Mary: Place the scarf on top of your head, unwrapping it so the middle of the scarf is on top of the head. Then place a headband on top of the scarf to secure it in place.

Belly Dancer: Fasten the scarf to your waist like a sash, and tie your shirt like a crop top. In order to add authenticity, never stop belly dancing the whole night.

Hippie: Roll the scarf to make it tighter, then tie it like a headband in the middle of your forehead, with the excess scarf hanging on the back of the head.

Hipster: Make the scarf appear chunky in the front by wrapping it around the neck several times, while insuring that it is still comfortable and loose. To add effect, take pictures of your meal and speak in French.

Movie Star: Wear the scarf like a pashmina or shawl, sign autographs when you walk in the room. If anyone asks, you’re Meryl Streep.

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