Spirit Week Nostalgia

By Antonia Salisbury

Opinion Editor

Cold weather got you down? Finally realizing that you probably won’t get that Algebra 2 grade up? We got the cure to your early winter blues; a full recap and gallery to remind you how awesome spirit week was!

LG Spirit Week 2014 kicked off to a great start on Monday as students showed up to school in their pajamas. Many were excited to see the “Fantasy Land” themed hallway that volunteers had spent the weekend decorating. The freshman section was decorated to resemble an Oz aesthetic. The sophomore section was themed after the imaginary world of Dr. Suess. The junior section was made to look like Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland. And lastly, the senior section was designed to encapsulate Harry Potter’s world of wizardry. By lunch, students from all grades were excited to watch the first lunchtime game of Spirit Week 2014. The class of 2015 ended up winning the Balloon Hug.

On Tuesday students came to school sporting their best “tourist” attire. At lunch, leadership held the Shoe Relay and the seniors were victorious, putting them in the lead as the grade with the most spirit points. Wednesday’s theme was “Western Day.” Students came to school dressed in various interpretations of the day’s theme. Many came dressed as cowboys or girls, some displayed their Kanye West fandom, while others came up with their own, comedic, executions. The lunchtime game was “Egg Roulette,” and the freshman won. On Thursday students dressed as celebrities and the lunchtime game was “Crab Soccer.”

On Friday, students from all grades came to school donning their grade’s spirit color: freshmen wore green, sophomores wore blue, and juniors wore orange. Though the senior color is traditionally black, seniors were told to wear white in anticipation of the black lights at the spirit rally. For the first time in LGHS history, leadership encouraged students to wear fluorescent clothing to help exaggerate the black light effect.The rally commenced with a performance by the LGHS school band, followed by the tug-o-war in which juniors took first place, seniors second place, sophomores third, and freshmen fourth. Afterwards, students witnessed various performances including Cheer and Dance. Additionally, the four grades competed in other activities including the 8-clap, balloon stomp, and musical chairs. At the end of the rally, seniors were revealed as the overall winners and ran into the center of the gym to be showered by a heap of congratulatory balloons.

photos courtesy: Cole Potter

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