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Stefan Montana’s Promposal

by Sean Clark     

On April 9, junior Stefan Montana uploaded a video to Instagram that quickly became viral through Reddit and Youtube. The video opens with Bryan Cranston, the star of the TV series Breaking Bad, advising junior Maddie Abene, a Breaking Bad fan, to “tread lightly” if she doesn’t go to prom with Montana. The camera then flips to Montana, who pops the question.

Montana caught the TV star after his broadway show, All The Way, when he came out the back door. Stefan posted the video on April 11, and it has already gained more than 135,000 views on Youtube. However, another “behind the scenes” video has been posted on Youtube with 120,000 more views. An animated GIF of the video was also posted on Reddit, and has amassed more than 13,000 upvotes.

ABC News interviewed Montana and Abene on April 12 and the interview aired on April 13. “Getting interviewed by ABC was like no other experience I’ve ever had. I still haven’t really grasped this whole situation it feels so surreal” said Abene.


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