Sitcoms to watch over MLK weekend

by Anna Esslinger

Sometimes only thing that gets me up in the morning is the chance to go back to bed and watch my favorite sitcoms on Netflix. Thankfully there are also a plethora of sitcoms on almost every single network. Although some are visual trash, others are beautiful gems that bring laughter to the darkest days.

The classic sitcom is Friends, of course. Few in the United States have not seen at least one episode of this lovable sitcom. As the nine seasons progressed, it was easy to become a little too attached to the characters. I remember staring at the television for hours when Ross said Rachel’s name during his wedding and laughing till I burst my appendix when I saw Monica’s corn rows. After watching the last episode I sat in my room crying and refused to leave my parents’ room. This may be because I had a one hundred-two degree fever; however, the end of such an iconic show can cause serious emotional distress.
After Friends ended its run, a new sitcom featuring five best friends living in New York City came on the comedy scene. How I Met Your Mother or as I like to call it “New Friends” is an even better version of Friends with more emotionally unstable and funnier characters. Pathetically single Ted Mosby leads the show with his hilarious anecdotes about how lonely he is and his love for red cowboy boots. Adorable couple Lily Aldrin and Marshall Erikson show a modern portrayal of true love. Although Lily is sometimes annoying, Marshall’s Minnesotan naiveté and ability to turn any boring activity into a song makes up for all of Lily’s antics. Robin Scherbatsky may seem the most normal at first, but she is actually the most insane of them all. Her quirky Canadian qualities peek out at certain moments and make the episode. Last but not least comes Barney Stinson. This infamous womanizer draws in audiences with his Playbook and Bro Code. This sitcom is incredibly enjoyable to watch; one moment you will be in stitches and the next you will be sobbing uncontrollably in the shower. Words cannot describe how good this show is; all I can do is tell you to watch all eight seasons on Netflix.
Although The Office and 30 Rock have the most critical acclaim on NBC, my personal favorite sitcom on that channel is Parks and Recreation. This witty comedy follows the employees of the Pawnee Parks and Recreation Department. Although the premise may sound bland, once the characters are developed it is impossible  not to laugh at every episode. Like most sitcoms, Parks and Rec is heavily character driven. However, the characters are not as easily relatable and it therefore creates a more screwball comedy. My favorite characters are Donna, whose sass and obsession with her Mercedes never get old, and Chris Traiger, the energetic health freak who later reveals his inner loneliness. On any other show, this display of loneliness would make me feel sad and pitiful, but Parks and Recreation shows this usually dark topic in such a light and humorous way that it is impossible to be sad. This sitcom is perfect for anyone having a bad day and in need of some laughs.
It is wrong to discuss best sitcoms without bringing up Arrested Development. Despite it only running for three seasons, Arrested Development packs enough laughs for ten. Watching the dysfunctional Bluths made me want to become a member their family. Each moment of this flawless sitcom is hilarious. Luckily, Netflix will add a new season soon. These episodes have not been released yet, so the old episodes will have to do.
All of these sitcoms are wonderful for uplifting spirits and are the perfect balance of plotline and gags. So why get ahead on your school work or improve your community over winter break when you can watch all of these amazing shows?

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