Spirit Week Fall 2017

by Abbi Berry and Bradley Adams

Public Relations Managers

Friday: Rally Day!

On Friday, the grades sported their school spirit with seniors decked out in black, juniors dressed in orange, sophomores in blue, and freshmen covered in green. After fourth period, the entire school headed to the football field for our first ever outdoor spirit rally. The grades competed in Balloon Launch, with seniors winning and freshmen in second. LGHS broke out their favorite toons as students battled it out in musical chairs with sophomores getting the win and seniors in second. The Spirit Week competitions concluded with a school favorite, Tug-of-War. Seniors dominated, with juniors coming in second. The final rally standings had seniors as champions, juniors in second, sophomores in third, and freshmen in fourth. Seniors celebrated their win with a balloon drop and pizza in the gym.


On Thursday, LGHS students rolled up showing off their respective decades. Freshmen wore 50s, Sophomores dressed in 60s clothes, Juniors represented the 70s, and Seniors wore 80s. For the lunch time game students competed in a pie eating contest. Sophomores won, seniors placed second, juniors placed third, and freshmen placed fourth.


On Wednesday, LGHS showed up in their best super hero and villain costumes. Students came decked in Superman, Incredible, and Batman logos. During lunch, the grades competed in water basketball with seniors dominating the game.


On Tuesday, the LGHS students previewed their futures as they dressed for Career Day. Students came to school revealing their dreams of becoming Mr. Burns, royalty, lifeguards, and doctors. During lunch, the grades competed in “California Snowball Fights” with the seniors coming out on top, followed by juniors in second, sophomores in third, and freshmen finishing fourth.


This year’s Fall Spirit Week kicked off with students “dressed to unimpress.” Students broke out their snazziest sandals, coziest PJ’s, and most hip hats. On the front lawn at lunch, the classes battled it out in bubble soccer. Juniors won, with seniors in second, sophomores in third, and freshmen in fourth.