Spirit Week Spring 2016



On the morning of Monday, Oct. 26, sleepy-eyed LGHS students wandered in to the extravagantly decorated main hall dressed as the classic theme “mathletes versus athletes”. The main hall was decked out with the class colors integrated with their respective Disney-Pixar themes. The freshmen theme was Up, the sophomores Nemo, the juniors Tangled, and the seniors Aladdin. Hundreds of students showed their school spirit by dressing as either nerds or athletes, and many students supported their sports teams by wearing their team apparel.

photos courtesy Madeline Hagar and Abbi Berry


On Tuesday, Oct. 27, LGHS students found crazy and intriguing ways to represent a dressing of their choice for “Salad Dressing Tuesday”. Some favorite costumes included Hawaiian shirts and island apparel for thousand island dressing, cowboy-themed attire for ranch dressing, ancient Greek Togas for Cesear dressing, as well as nun outfits for extra virgin olive oil. The lunchtime game was “California Snowball Fight”, a rendition of dodgeball where pantihoes filled with flour are used in replacement of normal dodgeballs.

photos courtesy Hyuntae Byun and Rowyn van Miltenburg


On Tuesday, Oct. 28, LGHS dressed up with their wackiest attire and corny crocs to prompt the question of “WHAT ARE THOSE?!” on this Wacky Wednesday. Crocs and socks were a popular costume choice, along with the the craziest clothes they could find in their closets, including but not limited to; onesies, emoji pants, and just about every pattern you could think of. The lunch time game was “Cornholes” in which the participants threw a pillow through a hole in a tarp. Freshmen won, while seniors followed in second, sophomores were 3rd and the juniors got 4th place.

photo courtesy Sophie Domengeaux and Camille Fowler


Thursday Oct. 29, LGHS students dressed up in their most psychedelic tie-dye for Tie-Dye Thursday. Whether hand-dyed or store bought, everyone looked great and colorful. Some people took a more liberal interpretation of the theme and wore a tie to school, or dressed of as a thai chef.

photo courtesy Elizabeth Monsef, Kate Hinsche, and Sophie Comeau


Friday Oct. 30, each class showed their spirit with freshmen in green, sophomores in blue, juniors in orange, and seniors in black. To begin the rally freshmen were in 4th, juniors in 3rd, and the sophomores and seniors were tied! The rally opened with a performance by the LGHS Drumline, followed by “Musical chairs,” with the juniors beating the seniors. Next, our very own cheer team gave a performance. The second game was “Hungry Hippo” in which students rolled kids out to the center to collect a number of balls in a short time frame. The junior class also won this, with freshmen in second, seniors in third, and sophomores in fourth. Following this, the dance team gave an astounding performance. The classes then competed in the 8-Clap. Following this, was “Tug of War.” Sophomores beat both the senior and junior class, to take first. Krail came out to pump up LGHS for the Homecoming game, and introduced Zach Smits for the “I believe” cheer. The teachers then hit the whip in a flash mob. In the final moments of the rally, the senior spirit reps announced the final ranking with freshmen in fourth, juniors in third, sophomores in second, and seniors in first.

photo courtesy Jordan Evans, Abbi Berry, and Kate Hinsche