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Christmas gifts that give back to the community

It happens every single holiday season; each year, as you’re shopping for gifts, there’s always that one person whom you have no idea what to get. Instead of dropping twenty bucks on a Christmas movie that ends up sitting untouched on the shelf, invest that money in something that could potentially change a life. By supporting a charity in your loved one’s name, you will both be spared the embarrassment of an awkward gift and they will feel honored to contribute to a good cause.

Be nice to your parents

The teenage years are a period of great change, growth, and development. We are moving away from our close relationship with our parents and are moving more towards our peers for advice and feedback. It is easy to become frustrated with what can easily be perceived as our parents’ attempts to treat us like children, and easy to shut them out. However, it is important to try not to do this, and to give our parents the respect they deserve.

Exclusive Q&A with Field Hockey Captains

This season, the Los Gatos Field Hockey team managed to go undefeated for 15 season games and three post-season games, winning the CCS Championship for the first time since 2010. El Gato News interviewed the captains of the team, Seniors Jamie Leong and Juniors Keats Iwanaga, Melina Moore, and Kaitlyn McLaren to get an inside look on the leaders of one of the most successful teams LGFH has seen in years.