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Vine Racism is Not Acceptable

Over the past few months I have been absorbed into the new social media craze Vine, a new app that lets smartphone users create six second videos. At first, it was my guilty pleasure. I would obsessively scroll through the popular page and laugh until tears came out of my eyes, but recently the videos that have the most “likes” and “revines” use racism as a cheap punchline.

Let Your Anger Out

Anger is a taboo emotion. We judge anger in others, and try to suppress it when we feel it within ourselves. When we think about anger, we only see drivers filled with road rage and giant green monsters. However, we don’t immediately see the growth and passion that anger can represent.

LGHS Girls Field Hockey Wins CCS

From a team of forty, the hopes and dreams of an entire sisterhood lay in the hands of seven. Seniors Marcia Lewis and Jamie Leong and juniors Keats Iwanaga, Mhairi Finlayson, Kathleen Humphries, Melina Moore, and Kaitlyn McLaren took the field for the last time this season, prepared to dive and die for a single goal.