Month: December 2013

AP teachers should better prepare students

In order to encourage teachers to remain focused on teaching specifically for the AP exam, instructors’ salaries should be based on how well their students perform on the annual test. This change would provide teachers with a financial incentive to teach students material that will help them receive college credit and a better standing on their college application.

Stop the Tanning Fad

There is little work being done to convince the public, especially women, to embrace natural skin tone. Even though there have been laws banning minors from using tanning salons in California, there is virtually no progress in changing America’s tan-obsessed culture.

Respect Tragedies

At face value, there’s nothing harmful about telling stories of shared experience. However, tales of uncles who knew someone who was kind of near Boston the week of the bombing are more than just annoying. Arbitrary connections to tragic events, and the competition surrounding these connections, are harmful to those actually involved in the incident and stem from a shameless need for attention and sympathy.

Pop Music Is Not “Bad”

As the hipster fad thrives at LGHS, the word “mainstream” has become synonymous with “inferior.” Our generation tries to be unique in any way possible, but music preference seems to be where most people try the hardest. It seems that many people think listening to underground music makes their taste in music superior.